How long can airlines delay flights

How long can airlines delay flights

You arrived at the airport and your flight got delayed, how long will it stay like that?

If you have ever got a flight delay, you might know how frustrating it can be. Your bags were packed and ready to go, but you are faced with the annoyance of waiting in or out of the airport. However, here is some information you should learn about delayed flights

Why do airlines delay flights

The airline typically delays a flight because they see an issue with the flight. For instance, bad weather like a cyclone can delay or even cancel a flight. A minor mechanical issue might delay the flight for a few hours. If there is a problem that poses a potential issue for the flight, it will get delayed.

How long can a flight be delayed for

A lot of the time a flight can actually get delayed for an indefinite period of time. The length of time varies based on the reason as to why the flight got delayed in the first place. For instance, a small issue could be fixed within 15 minutes whereas some delays can take longer than a day. It is up to the airline to decide if the flight will remain delayed or cancelled.

The difference between cancellations and delays

Normally a delay means that a problem that is small or will go away quickly is occurring with the plane. However, an issue that poses a large threat to the flight or will not go away fast enough could have a fight cancelled. Most airlines will try to keep people informed as fast as they can, but nothing is always guaranteed.

Ask around

There is a good chance you can find out how long your flight got delayed for by asking an employee at the airport. Most airports posts their new schedules if a flight got delayed. Even flights that are 10-15 minutes late can be considered delayed. If you are not sure or do not see an update, do not be shy to ask employees for updates on your flight.

Getting your compensation

If your flight’s problem had your flight cancelled all together or the delay was much longer than necessary, you should get the compensation that you deserve. The airline wasted your time and money because of the delay. If the problems were within the airline’s control, you can get compensated for what happened to you to make up for lost money and time.

What is AirClaim

AirClaim is a company that wants to help you get compensated for all of the trouble that you went through. If you feel like an airline made you lose time and money, do not settle for any less. You can have AirClaim fix your problems to get compensation when you need it the most. Airlines should give their passengers proper treatment and make sure that they do not waste people’s time and money by making up for it.